Our inaugural, gorgeously-illustrated, limited-print book Pioneers, Provocateurs, Possibilists: Humans of Singapore is yours when you attend any of the launch conversation events featuring the founder of TED and >20 Global TED and TEDx speakers:

Understanding, an exploration with Richard Saul Wurman, Eames Demetrios, and Dave Lim on Fri 6 Nov

Series 1: Design IdeasWorthDoing explorations inspired by the late Dr. Milton Tan, founding director of Design Singapore and pioneer supporter of TEDxSingapore in 2009, supported by Design Singapore Council and National Design Centre.

  • Thurs 22 Oct 11:00 Where Do Ideas Come From? Past, Present, Future with Eames Demetrios , grandson of design legends Charles and Ray Eames, Mark Wee executive director Design Singapore, Ryan Tan OuterEdit, Tiffany Loy textile artist

  • Thurs 29 Oct 16:30 - How to Build Idea and Creative Cities with Paul Bennett Chief Creative Office IDEO, Ziqq Rafit Design Says Hello, and Mark Wee Design Singapore .

Series 2: IdeasWorthDoing explorations

  • Wed 28 Oct 19:30 - The Intimacy of Singlish explored with TEDx speaker writer-poet Dr. Gwee Li Sui and linguistic nerd and Singlish fan, Alyssa Loo.

  • Sun 1 Nov 16:30 - Calls & Responses in a time of Covid TEDxSingapore speakers and poets Dr. Gwee Li Sui and Zakir Hossain Khokan explored the stories and journeys of migrant and local poetry and writings and initiatives.

Wed 4 Nov, Official Book Launch featured a Human Library, conversations with global TED and TEDx speakers+authors

Series 3: IdeasWorthDoing explorations

  • Sat 7 Nov 14:00 - The Art and Science of Book Design with veteran book designer Kelley Cheng and global TED speaker Eames Demetrios explored the fascinating and compelling art and science of designing books.

  • Thurs 12 Nov 19:30 - What is the Future of Books, Bookstores, and Ideas Worth Spreading? Singapore's book industry veterans in conversation with the next generation to explore the future of how we share and spread ideas and stories.

Series 4: IdeasWorthDoing explorations

  • Sat 14 Nov 16:30 Are we now really a Lonely Planet? Join Tony Wheeler co-founder Lonely Planet to explore this pertinent question, and find out the story of how Lonely Planet was written in Singapore in the '70s

  • Sat 21 Nov 14:00 The Intimacy of our Imaginations and Imaginary Places Join global TED and multi TEDxSingapore speaker Eames Demetrios to explore the power of our imagination and imaginary places like the parallel world of Kcymaerxthaere, 142 physical sites around the planet, including in Singapore.

Series 5: IdeasWorthDoing explorations

  • Thurs 26 Nov 19:30 Humans of Singapore What does being Singaporean mean, how is it evolving? and does what it means to be a Human in Singapore? Join us for a fascinating conversation and exploration of who we are and the stories we tell ourselves.

  • Thurs 3 Dec 19:30 Being a Pioneer, Provocateur, Possibilist in Singapore How can we find and realise the powerful purpose and possibilities that lie within Singapore and ourselves?

27 chapters and writers : 7 Global TED speakers , 20 TEDxSingapore speakers across professions: Architect, Archeologist, Artist, Conservationist, Designer, Doctor, Domestic worker, Educator, Entrepreneur, Geopolitical analyst, Impact investor, Inventor, Innovator, Marine biologist, Musician, Photographer, Poet, Social entrepreneur, Writer.

Want a sneak peek? Browse over 40 pages and read first chapter, download here

  • The late Hans Rosling, global health expert and TED speaker People are interesting, numbers are boring

  • The late Milton Tan, design pioneer Where do ideas come from?

  • Tony Wheeler, co-founder Lonely Planet Writing big dreams in Jalan Besar

  • Kishore Mahbubani, geopolitical expert and TED speaker How can the West adapt to a rising Asia?

  • Melissa Kwee, social champion The quest for belonging

  • Benjamin Kheng, artiste Storyteller

  • Gwee Li Swee, writer-poet I speak Singlish, can?

  • Tong Yee, social capitalist and educator Trust, faith, teaching and learning

      • Eames Demetrios, Geographer-at-large and TED speaker Tales of Kcymaerxthaere

      • Aaron Maniam, polymath and TED speaker Grow into the stories we tell ourselves

      • Alvin Pang, poet and writer What gives us our names: Passion, Purpose, Community

      • Zakir Hossain Khokhon, poet Writing poetry is like building a house

      • The late Teresa Hsu when she was 113 years young 'Ha ha’ is better than ‘Sng sng’

      • Kelley Cheng, designer You will not meet a tall, dark and handsome stranger

      • Randolf Arriola, global live-looper The other road, taken

      • Zakaria Zainal, photographer and storyteller Singaporean, but not by NRIC alone

      • Bob Lee, photographer How I taught photography to the visually-impaired

      • Esther Tan, All-Women’s Everest team The unlikely mountaineer

      • Neo Mei Lin, marine biologist and TED Fellow Singapore got marine life, meh?

      • Lian Pin Koh, conservationist and TED speaker Dreams to drones

      • Michael Sng, toymaker and TED speaker To be, or not to be a creator?

      • Esther Wang, designprenuer Compassion, courage and commitment

      • Masami Sato, social entrepreneur Discovering the true power of small

      • Nilushika Jayaweera, social champion Bit by bit, drop by drop

      • Laina Ravendran Greene, impact investor Angels of impact

      • Noel Hildalgo Tan, archeologist Learning how to see

      • Dave Lim, founder Passion, people, purpose, possibilities & The story of TEDxSingapore

Limited print of 1,800 copies only, celebrating the 10th Birthday of TEDxSingapore.

  • Illustrated on every page, 326 illustrations and 90 full-colour photos

  • 210 pages, size W195mm x H250mm (similar to Monocle)

  • All proceeds go towards cost recovery of the book, and directly supports the Migrant Workers Library and OneBagOneBook founded by Zakir Hussain Khokan, TEDxSingapore speaker and chapter author.

Want a sneak peek? Browse over 40 pages, and read first chapter, download here

Want a sneak peek? Browse over 40 pages, and read first chapter, download here

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