• 210 pages, illustrated on every page: 326 illustrations and 90 full-colour photos

  • Unique format and size like Monocle magazine with 27 Chapters including Story and timeline of TEDxSingapore over 10 years 2009-19

  • 27 writers : 7 Global TED speakers and 20 TEDxSingapore speakers

  • Limited print of 1,800 only, will not be released as an e-book.

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27 chapters and writers : 7 Global TED speakers , 20 TEDxSingapore speakers

Professions represented: Architect, Archeologist, Artist, Conservationist, Construction supervisors, Designer, Doctor, Domestic worker, Educator, Entrepreneur, Geopolitical analyst, Impact investor, Inventor, Innovator, Marine biologist, Musician, Photographer, Poet, Social entrepreneur, Writer.

  • The late Hans Rosling, global health expert and TED speaker People are interesting, numbers are boring

  • The late Milton Tan, design pioneer Where do ideas come from?

  • Tony Wheeler, co-founder Lonely Planet Writing big dreams in Jalan Besar

  • Kishore Mahbubani, geopolitical expert and TED speaker How can the West adapt to a rising Asia?

  • Melissa Kwee, social champion The quest for belonging

  • Benjamin Kheng, artiste Storyteller

  • Randolf Arriola, global live-looper The other road, taken

  • Gwee Li Swee, writer-poet I speak Singlish, can?

  • Tong Yee, social capitalist and educator Trust, faith, teaching and learning

  • Aaron Maniam, polymath and TED speaker Grow into the stories we tell ourselves

  • Alvin Pang, poet and writer What gives us our names: Passion, Purpose, Community

  • Zakir Hossain Khokhon, poet Writing poetry is like building a house

  • Eames Demetrios, Geographer-at-large and TED speaker Tales of Kcymaerxthaere

  • The late Teresa Hsu when she was 113 years young 'Ha ha’ is better than ‘Sng sng’

  • Kelley Cheng, designer You will not meet a tall, dark and handsome stranger

  • Zakaria Zainal, photographer and storyteller Singaporean, but not by NRIC alone

  • Bob Lee, photographer How I taught photography to the visually-impaired

  • Esther Tan, All-Women’s Everest team The unlikely mountaineer

  • Neo Mei Lin, marine biologist and TED Fellow Singapore got marine life, meh?

  • Lian Pin Koh, conservationist and TED speaker Dreams to drones

  • Michael Sng, toymaker and TED speaker To be, or not to be a creator?

  • Esther Wang, designprenuer Compassion, courage and commitment

  • Masami Sato, social entrepreneur Discovering the true power of small

  • Nilushika Jayaweera, social champion Bit by bit, drop by drop

  • Laina Ravendran Greene, impact investor Angels of impact

  • Noel Hildalgo Tan, archeologist Learning how to see

  • Dave Lim, founder Passion, people, purpose, possibilities & The story of TEDxSingapore

Limited print of 1,800 only, and will not be released as an e-book

Get the book directly from us, posted free to you in Singapore, here.

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